The Beginning..

You have to begin somewhere – there has to be a “first” post – so I figured I would present an older posting, call it a reprint. First editions can be printed and and will include a signature – not mine – but someone will feel like writing their name, people like doing that. Unless its a check, then, they hesitate.


I was born into this world from the womb of a woman. A strong woman, for her hips were small and I was large. Screams accompanied my arrival, forced by a driven maternal will. Cursed was my father, for it was his sperm and choice of wine which created this …….mess.

Wrapped in a blanket made of hemp, knitted by blind Asian monks in a monastery in east Brooklyn, I was handed to my mother. Leaving the drunken midwifes house, her smiling, waving from her porch as she searched for a mop, I took my first, tentative breath of the new world, and wondered in a mosaic of newborn thoughts, if I would ever truly get this taste out of my mouth.

A childhood of blissful solitude , my wanderlust parents continued the journey to find themselves, searching for themselves somehow did not involve paying rent and it seemed the pursuit of ones own inner peace was accompanied by the task of moving often, at midnight, via the window. Blissful, organic existence. We grew our own tomatoes, sung songs around the campfire, primarily because we had no house, but a campfire, it would not work in a house, we were blissful….organic, cold.

The first day of school…..wearing my pants made from a hemp blanket, knitted by blind monks in a monastery in east Brooklyn. Children , blissful children, so like me, except for their skin.. clean… and showered, designer Wal-Mart clothes and perfect teeth…. blissful children who did not judge.. simply threw their stones without contempt or malice… what is a bruised cheek or fractured eye but a sign that society has embraced you… hugged you and accepted you as one of their own…

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