Deeper Thoughts

I believe we have a potential that is as yet unrealized…

History remembers men through a veiled window, seeing them not as clearly as who they are, not in the crisp, pure truth of their reality. More so they are remembered as fragments, pieces of reccolection that allow us to reasemble their visage and their being as we see fit.

Its beneficial and equally destrcutive to view history with such self fufilling and easily molded memories. We can see from a broad, landscape perspective the greatness some men have achieved, however, equally and with the same zeal we can become myopic to their flaws and individual shortcomings.

We strive to understand, to disect, to digest, to fill the void of fear and worldly ignorance with something reassuring. Something promising. Faith, God, spiritualism, Religion. A means to apply a cause and effect mentality, a mentality that so firmly roots itself into our primal coding.

When we look, we see; God has evolved as equally as Man.

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