Forever and a day…

For the masses who might have noticed my absense, I do apologize. Of course the “Masses” includes myself and my imaginary Monkey, but I accept that as a “Fan Base” none the less.

I have chosen to cast off my shackles and move 900 miles and half a century away from my previous living conditions, and have not had the same sort of time, access, motivation and or inclination to post a damn thing.

My employer made a decision to “go another direction” – which I suppose directly translated into “Pack your shit – YOU are not the direction we chose.” I would be hurt, however no one made the cut. Whichever “direction” was chosen did not involve the need of employees it would appear. PONSI Scheme or is that TOTALLY 2009?

I was presented with a Generous Severence Package – they paid me until the end of the day. So, Two Hours of pay. Before Taxes.

And Conan thought HE had the big pay day!

So, thus is where we find ourselves. Life is Life, Life can Kick you in the Balls until you Vomit, and then bring you some ice and cuddle.

More Later – I recon. (Moved to the midwest Bible Belt – thought I needed some Jesus – and they love them some Jesus in these parts)

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