Chunky Monkey – An ice cream named for me.

I am lazy. Really, I am. It took me ten minutes to use a toe to hook an Oreo that slipped to the carpet. Damn cat almost made it there before me! Ha!

So, to the point I am lazy.

I find, quite frankly, that being lazy requires considerably less work than say, being active or productive or any of that other crap you ginseng drinking, oat bran eating, track jogging people do.

I would once luxuriate on my soft little sofa and watch you bobble by with your clothes all sweaty and your face all strained thinking, damn that looks like work. Then have another sip of milk shake. Hey, its all natural, mostly.

The problem rises when I realized I began to sweat as I refilled my tumbler of gravy and mashed potatoes.

I would find myself a little winded when the remote slid out of my reach, to land somewhere near my feet.

I stopped wearing pants. (Less for chunky reasons, more for plain comfort)

I need to make a change. 

I am WAY too lazy to make any kind of drastic change. I could craft some grandiose plan that reads like an invasion of Normandy with the Chunk Battalion taking the beach in multitudes of push ups and laps.

Yea, I am not going to do that.

 What I AM going to do, is actually keep an honest record of my “process” which will be many weeks of absolutely nothing changing. 

So, bury your expectations, I am not exactly the motivational type. I am just a real person, with a real issue that plans to take real steps (well, yea, TRY) to resolve or at least LIMIT the issue.

SO – Step one will be taken shortly.

You are still here? Go take a walk – least to the kitchen to grab some sort of refreshment. I recommend fresh fruit. (Chunky code for grab a doughnut if there are any left)

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