A Conversation with Ignorance.

Ok, so this post is going to have a little different flavor than past additions. Cannot even say why exactly I felt like putting this together and putting it up. Just, did. So, bear with the wall of text, this is a bit of a long one. Be patient, for there IS an ending, honest, it happens just at the last word.

Over the last couple of days, I have found myself in a “dialogue”??? with someone who has a VASTLY different view of the world than me. Not unsurprising, some of my closest friends and acquaintances are people I do not agree with on 80% of what they believe. Its not a matter of AGREEING just the ability to be civil, respectful and honest.

A tiny bit of background. I frequent http://www.reddit.com. My input in any discussion there is usually about as insightful as any one of my blog entries. Meaning, negligible.

Someone, and I am removing their user name based on itnot really being about the individual person, its about their beliefs and how they express them. Anyway, someone posts this regarding the most recent Wikileaks data dump of military info.

 Don’t GIs who committed war atrocities in Iraq deserve to be mentioned in Wikileaks? I say fuck em. They knew the war was a false flag operation and supported it anyway and then killed and tortured innocent people. (edition.cnn.com)

Now – from here I am simply going to share the dialogue. Seems the best way to present it, without me hasing anything out at the beginning. Theirs will be in red, mine in Black.

OH and Points for me – I am fighting every urge to spell-check this! 

Transcript As Follows:

“I think it is dangerous for anyone to take a knee jerk stance on this. It is completely unfair to say that “They knew the war was a false flag operation”, thats some BS that is touted by those who are not getting shot at for a living.

The military is not a Democracy. No one passes you a strip of paper and asks “You wanna go to War?” Nobody is asking you to raise your hands on the bus seeing where you want to be dropped off, Disney or Iraq?

Milliseconds stand between a bad decision and death, and a horrible decision and living. We cannot forget that. Without knowing the facts, without intimate knowledge of the circumstances, I would be hard pressed to “Assume” that someone did something wrong.

I am willing to believe that 99.99% of active duty in the shit military are guys and girls doing the absolute best they can in the absolute worst kinds of situations.

Sorry for the soapbox and wall of text.

TL/DR – Before we start flaming our GI’s, think it thru.”

Note: (TL/DR = Too Long, Didn’t Read) 

 “Did they think it through before they started “flaming” the innocent people of Iraq?”

 “I am assuming by “they” you mean the GI’s?

I also assume you have never spent any time in uniform? Assumption on my part – but your position seems to support it.

Again – NOT a democracy. Which I know is an incredibly difficult thing to get ones head around.

While I experience this topic with clenched teeth and want and a desire to ARGHH at the sky, it does little to futher discourse.”

 “Yes, the GIs.

I’m still in uniform but it would be against the law to say I’m a deserter.

There was a saying that went like this: “if you don’t have the courage to have deserted this war then you are an American” who probably won’t have the courage to kill yourself when it’s over either.”

“A man has a responsibility to break unjust laws” – Martin Luther King”

“A man has a responsibility to break unjust laws” – Martin Luther King

That is a fantastic quote and used as if it applies to the position of the sentence that sits above it. In fact, it doesn’t.

The disrespect that you paint in a single sentence to anyone in uniform is mind boggling. It is systemic of those that carry so much ignorance in their minds and anger in their hearts that they want to do nothing more but to lash out at the world in general so someone, anyone, feels as bad as they do.

It is sad, and at its core, the true cowardly position.


wow. i’m almost speechless by your psychotic indifference to the people who have been victimized by your taxes and liberal vs conservative political game you play and vote in. Do you think I of you fake Karma seeking, self justifying hypocrites.

Reddit is 1 great big group masturbation party where a bunch of white, liberal racial narcissists take pride in “atleast” not being Republicans yet are just as morally degenerate, psychotically ravenous & guilty of their kind’s past & present atrocities against all the planet’s people of color.


I read that three times. Yet, beyond a few buzz words, there was not a consise thought anywhere within those two paragraphs.

If you are wanting to incite me, then you have chosen the wrong tree to be barking at.

I would be willing to continue this debate, but I think we have already covered our various points of view, and it would appear, given your last addition to the conversation, you are out of ideas.

The problem you’re having “not understanding” is because of the seal Allah has placed on your eyes, ears and heart.

As for the faithless, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not have faith. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and their hearing, and there is a blindfold on their sight and there is a great punishment for them.”[18]

Incommunicable gruff. It’s like having a conversation with a dog (you being the dog) who only speaks in bark.



NOW – honestly here I am thinking that “Regards” is a polite (oddly placed – however credit is due I suppose) “SCREW OFF – I AM DONE” However, I did provide a response. As of yet, no return anger.

I am a touch confused, as has been the case in the majority of our communication.

You have maintained, and fairly correctly that I do not adhere to any form of “religion”. This is very accurate, I am Agnostic, with an admitted Athiest bend.

I stand on the side of Agnostic, because I am not arrogant to believe I have any definitive answer on where God, in any form, exists or not.

Do you see how I was able to express myself without the need of angry name calling or attempts to flame? It is the form adult communication takes.

So, here is what I want to clarify. Am I an infidel because I do not believe in Allah? Or am I am Heathen because I do not believe in GOD?

Just want to be clear which Hell I am going to be committed to for eternity.


I am not really sure what I took away from this. This person is not any kind of cross section of americana or the world alike. This is just one voice screaming into the night.

I do feel that we as a whole are slowly losing the ability to have any kind of exchange of ideas, debating alternative points of view and overall coming to an understanding of what the OTHER person thinks. NOT agreeing! Just paying attention and UNDERSTANDING their point of view. That is a skill that seems like is decaying, and we are not the better for it.

Thanks for hanging in. Putting the soap box away now.

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Phishing – Neither Rain, Sleet or Snow…

I don’t know  – maybe its my Nyquil induced sensibilities – or perhaps its just that I have not sat at this desk in two days so the volume of email was surprisingly high, and this just stood out.


However, it does lead me to just acknowledge the .01 seconds that passed and I thought this might be legit. The attatchment was a Zip file, which, of course was the first sign this was bogus.

 The second sign was the fact that your email address is not automatically encoded on the stamp when it is affixed to an envelope.

The third is the fact the post office has extreme difficulty telling the difference between WILLIS and WILLIAMS even though the address of each is dramatically different.

I discarded the idea that the USPS brought in a highly trained CSI team to extract fingerprints and saliva DNA from my wayward letter to Uncle Pete reminding him that I do not, indeed need a pair of leather chaps.

My point? Given the fact that time is compressed into micro seconds, and our attention is usually being harassed by seven items at any given time, including what’s for dinner, is that a hairball or a caterpillar and why is the dog eating my shoe? Wait, when did we get a dog?

Nefarious elements, while at times laughable given the various Nigerian attempts to give me millions, are CONSTANTLY looking for new ways to take advantage of all of us. It is damn straight easy to allow our guard to lower for the briefest of seconds, so stay awake, stay sharp and stay safe.

This message brought to you by the Council to Castrate Cyber Criminals.


C3 Vice Admiral

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