Phishing – Neither Rain, Sleet or Snow…

I don’t know  – maybe its my Nyquil induced sensibilities – or perhaps its just that I have not sat at this desk in two days so the volume of email was surprisingly high, and this just stood out.


However, it does lead me to just acknowledge the .01 seconds that passed and I thought this might be legit. The attatchment was a Zip file, which, of course was the first sign this was bogus.

 The second sign was the fact that your email address is not automatically encoded on the stamp when it is affixed to an envelope.

The third is the fact the post office has extreme difficulty telling the difference between WILLIS and WILLIAMS even though the address of each is dramatically different.

I discarded the idea that the USPS brought in a highly trained CSI team to extract fingerprints and saliva DNA from my wayward letter to Uncle Pete reminding him that I do not, indeed need a pair of leather chaps.

My point? Given the fact that time is compressed into micro seconds, and our attention is usually being harassed by seven items at any given time, including what’s for dinner, is that a hairball or a caterpillar and why is the dog eating my shoe? Wait, when did we get a dog?

Nefarious elements, while at times laughable given the various Nigerian attempts to give me millions, are CONSTANTLY looking for new ways to take advantage of all of us. It is damn straight easy to allow our guard to lower for the briefest of seconds, so stay awake, stay sharp and stay safe.

This message brought to you by the Council to Castrate Cyber Criminals.


C3 Vice Admiral

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