Tech Support

So, I am about to eliminate 99% of your need for “Technical Support”.

Well, maybe 99% is an overestimation, but I like to think positive.

We all have that friend who “knows computers” that we like to call when we have some sort of oddity with our computer. Sometimes, we are that friend.

So, I am about to inspire you, educate you and as the Chinese proverb goes, I am going to teach you to fish.

P.S. (wait, is that bad grammar in the middle of a writing before completion to add a P.S.? Why yes it is. Good to know)

By the way then, no that is not from a Biblical proverb, Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. It is in fact an old Chinese Proverb, if you question this for any reason, I will then give YOU the tools to determine otherwise.

See, back to that Teaching thing. Yay me.

So, first things first we need a problem. I am going to use a recent issue as the problem, as in, an issue that is so recent I am having it now.

My hard drive on my laptop is making a clicking sound. That sounds like a real tech kind of thing I suppose. At least enough that one might be worried about it, as in me, as in, hell yes I am worried.

Ok, so the first tool we will need is an internet browser – I am hoping you have one and know how to open it because if not – how in the hell did you get here?

Open her up. Well damn, that does not sound right. Also, very sexist of me to assume YOUR internet browser is female. Maybe it’s a male browser, how the hell do I know?

So, Open your Browser up. There, less offensive. Go ahead, I will give you a second to do it.

Ok, now in your address bar type in

You saw that coming right? I mean, who would not see that coming. Stay with me though, because again, this is teaching you how to fish, and by telling you to go to Google would be just pointing to the lake, and saying, the fish are in there. Get em.

So, we (I) decided that we were going to deal with my hard drive making a clicking  sound – so, go ahead and type that into Google. Tell you what, unfair, that is making you do everything – here you go just click this image below.

AND – Wammo – you have fishing rod in hand, hooked baited and ready to go!

So, the thing to remember about any and all fishing trips, is using the right bait for the waters you are fishing in.

For example, if you are looking for the President of Bulgaria in 1944, it is probably not a good idea to put into Google, “Pudding Recipes”. Yes, sarcastic, but you understand the point. WHATEVER you are looking for, be specific.

Also, Google should probably be your homepage if it is not already. Why? Because there is a lot of shit that is unknown to us all, and knowing, is half the battle. (Thank you adolescence with GI Joe)

By the way number two – Wikipedia is NOT fact. So double check your shit if you end up there. Reading a real book is also not a bad idea once in a while. Really, its kind of nice.

Oh, by the way, on our little Hard Drive deep sea trip, I checked the first three links, all of them, unsurprising, said that I may be dealing with a potential hard drive failure.

So, I am busy backing my shit up.

Now, you can head out into the world, ok, “digital/virtual” world and catch yourself some decent fish. Now, when you call up that friend of yours who “knows” computers you can say…”So, my drive was making a clicking sound, and after I Googled it, it seems like it may be going to fail…”

Damn that is a sexy beginning to any conversation.

Enjoy your day.

And remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

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Why I am not watching Comic Book Men.


I have always been a big Kevin Smith fan. His film “voice” always felt like it closely mirrored my own personal voice. More days than not that I purposely or inadvertently quote him. As my wife refers to it, he is my “man crush”. I accept the label. I am a fan.

I joined Twitter for no other reason initially than to follow his tweets.

I have listened to every Smodcast episode, some of them more than once.

Some episodes of Smodcast that were my favorites were when he would bring Brian Johnson or Walt Flannigan on. There were times, as they would be talking and busting each others balls where I do believe I shed a few tears from laughing.

The moment that Tell em Steve Dave spun into existence, based on these same two guys and the addition of Bryan Quinn, who had been wrapped into this group for years but I had never known, I was hooked.

The simple fact that nothing about this Podcast felt “developed” the fact at times they would just bitch at each as if they forgot they were being recorded. The meshing of personalities and experiences, was gold.

I was now looking forward to Friday nights Tell Em Steve Dave as much as I looked forward to Sundays Smodcast.

I cannot give a timeline when it all began to color. I know the event though. It all shifted for me over a web address.


How best to explain the Saga of Git em. Yep, a real name. Well, not god given, but I cannot tell you his real name, I don’t know it. Git em Steve Dave was I thank an uber fan of Kevin Smiths, his online handle became Git em based on the characters that Smith created. And so well portrayed by Bryan and Walt. was registered by Git em a few years ago (by the way – constructing that sentence, and all others that contain the words “Git Em” is difficult at best – but dammit, stay with me!)

Git Em was brought on Tell Em Steve Dave, and it came to light that he owned the domain name.

Now, what I am going to do here is sum up my experience of the exchange, I am not quoting anyone, I am only providing my opinion.

First and foremost, you cannot listen to TESD and not KNOW if you show up on that show, there is the strong likelihood your balls are going to get slapped around a little. So, thus is expected.

It was presented that the domain name should be given to the Podcast, because Git Em was a fan. In the spirited exchange, a cash offer WAS made for the sight, (by WALT no less – a man who prefers not to part with a single dollar if 35 cents will cover it) Git Em did not accept the offer, but held off, because, if I may frame the moment…

Here you are sitting in a room with three people that not only you admire, you like, and you are fans of. Huge fans. Suddenly, you are now talking some sort of business transaction on a product that you do not really know the value of. It does have value, and aside from any personal involvement, or fandom, what is it?

Now, for reasons that I cannot explain, Quinn “appeared” to take the fact Git Em would not give up the domain name as a bit of an insult. Not really understanding why as a fan he would not want to just give the domain, besides, what was it worth? There were a few shots taken at Git Em’s website, (which if pressed I do not understand, but then, its not MINE to understand) and overall the tone just became uncomfortable. Overall, uncomfortable.

At this point – so what. The REASON I loved TESD was that shit did not feel scripted at all and at times there was awkward.


If this story died there, I would actually not have batted an eye.

Twitter had opinions, and they directed them at Git Em. Quinn also, which seemed to fuel additional frustration towards Get Em.

During following shows the topic would come up, and Quinn would have the same energy he did originally, nothing flattering regarding Git Em, saying he was blocking him on Twitter, and that he was done with him. Etc.

By the way – the price Git Em finally settled on to ask for was $1000. If anyone has ever attempted to buy a vanity domain AFTER the product existed, you will realize how cheap that price really is. So, ultimately Git Em was not attempting to finance hisCancunretirement.

Overall, as it progressed my take away became this.

This was a moment where a Fan was treated poorly because he was a fan. Here was someone who at best was trying to make a couple of bucks from a product that was worth, in reality far more. Instead of a “business” deal being struck, even remotely privately, he was villianized, and bullied.

The Bullying was the part that was the hardest to stomach and the moment that tipped the tables.

If you are willing to publicly burn down the house of a Fan, because he has something you want. What value are you then putting on ANY fan?

So I stopped listening. I unsubscribed, and after a while after I realized the issue was not actually going away, I stopped following TESD on twitter. It was quitely done, with an email to the guys letting them know why I did it. Because if I am making a choice based on other people, hell, might as well tell them.

No issue. I am one person, who gives a shit if I listen to the show and/or follow on twitter.

I stopped ordering any comic from the Stash, although, in a year I MIGHT have spent a hundred, maybe two on books. MAX. Not a big deal, I just always like the idea that I was ordering shit from Kevin Smiths store, and Walt and Mike are two fucking guys who KNOW their shit.

The cascade has brought me to a question my wife asked two weeks ago.

“You going to watch the show?”

I gut checked myself for two weeks. As silly as it may be, if I were to watch the show, then I would be going back against every decision I have made over the last few months. So, No, I won’t be.

Which I realize is sad. Sad because they are busting their ass, all parties involved, to bring this show to air, they are putting more of themselves out there than I would personally be willing. I WANT to support the show.

However, as the cascade effect happened, I realized that one moment, one decision, one emotionally charged debate, lost a fan.

Here is the redundant silly. Git Em, still listens to the show, still follows them on Twitter, and will undoubtedly watch the show.

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